Pain related to the low back and sacroiliac joints

Low back pain is a problem affecting a great number of patients. Click here to read more about some of the more common back pain issues affecting the low back and causing sciatica and leg pain.

The sacro-iliac joints are found on either side of the sacrum, the triangular bone found below the spine, which effectively attaches the pelvis to the spine.  Problems can arise at these joints due to hyper or hypo mobility (too much or too little movement).  This can result in pain referring to the low back, into the gluteal muscles or even down the leg(s) into the ankle region.  It is important to differentiate between a sacro-iliac joint referred pain and pain that may be caused by a compressed nerve or low back issues.

Quite commonly, pregnant women experience problems with their sacro-iliac joints normally related to increases in the hormone relaxin causing most of the joints in the body to relax in preparation for birth and the increased weight of the baby as it grows.  Click here for more information about pain in pregnancy.  

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Helen’s testimonial giving an example of Fiona’s treatment of low back pain (click here for more testimonials)

“As a keen fell runner, avoiding injury is a priority. I started seeing Fiona in 2010 following a lower back injury. From the start, Fiona’s approach combining osteopathic treatment, with deep muscular massage, has been successful, and highlights the importance of treating both the skeletal and muscular structure of your body as one, to avoid injuries. Since recovering from my back injury in 2010, I have maintained regular treatment with Fiona, which has proved invaluable in helping ensure any muscular imbalances or joint inflexibilities from running, can be acted upon before they lead to injuries. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Fiona, and have done so to many friends who have also had successful treatment programmes with Fiona – she is an excellent, thorough and rigorous practitioner, who works with you, to ensure long-term recovery.”

Helen, Hydrogeologist and fell runner

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