Book recommendation: Life After Pain (Dr. Jonathan Kuttner)

I promise I’m not on commission but I recently read this great book and thought I’d recommend it to you if you suffer from chronic pain (that is pain lasting for more than about 3 months).  Life After Pain is written by a doctor from New Zealand who had a hand gliding accident and suffered seven years of daily debilitating pain. He decided to research chronic pain for this book, cured his own pain and now treats people with chronic pain regularly.  His book gives you a very easy-to-understand explanation of chronic pain, how it can manifest in different ways in people and how to manage, ease and, in a number of cases, even resolve the pain. Having bought the book you can then access bonus material online which gives you more tips and guidance to relieve your pain.

 CLICK HERE to buy it off Amazon.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the book on the Life After Pain website

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