Osteopathy and sinus issues

As you may already know, your four air-filled chambers called sinuses are found in the frontal bones above your eyes, behind the upper nose, in the sphenoid bones behind your eyes and in your cheekbones.
Their function is to humidify the air as it journeys to the lungs and trap bacteria in the mucus produced by the lymphatic membranes. This bacteria can then be removed from the sinuses by swallowing the mucus or pushing it out of the naval cavity.

Sinusitus occurs when the membranes lining the sinuses become inflammed or when the passages allowing the drainage of the mucus become restricted. This can lead to infection and often headache pain in your forehead, eyes, cheeks, temples and teeth. Temporary relief can be found by taking medication to reduce the inflammation or dry up the sinuses but this does not deal with the root cause of the problem.

Osteopathic treatment of sinusitus involves taking a holistic approach. The Osteopaths aim is to improve the subtle movement of the facial and cranial bones, which make up the walls of the sinuses, using both a structural approach and cranial osteopathy. This encourages drainage of the sinuses and prevents the build up of mucus within the sinuses. Your breathing is then easier and the headaches and other symptoms associated with sinusitus should also ease. Your neck, shoulders and upper back will also be treated to further encourage drainage and reduce the general tension that can exacerbate the sinusitus.

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