Tips on keeping active in the Autumn

The nights are drawing in and the weather is changing and becoming colder, making it tempting to stay wrapped up and cosy inside and skip the gym. However, whether you’re a fell-runner or a weightlifter, exercising regularly is double important as people tend to eat more comfort food and move a lot less. Here are some tips to ensure you stay motivated:
  • Exercise in the morning – as the sun sets earlier with the clocks going back, people feel more tired in the evening. An early exercise sessions guarantees that the workout gets done but that there’s still time to relax in the afternoon/evening.
  • Change routine and X-train – Breathe new life into your exercise regime to break the monotony of sticking to the same routine and cross train. Swop to cardio a few times a week. if you like sticking to weights. If you keep it fresh and you’ll be less likely to get bored.
  • Get outside with appropriate attire – if you’ve got the right cold weather kit (ideally that’s breathable but wind and rain resistant), you’ll be more likely to get outside and exercise. Aim to be out in the daylight hours to benefit the most and keep your mood bright.
  • Keep hydrated – as much in the autumn/winter as the summer to help with appetite control and recover from exercise.
  • Update your tunes – A new playlist can energise your workout with tools available online that can match your specific cadence of running or, if you’re really keen, you could listen to podcasts or talking radio to learn while you’re getting fit.
  • Schedule days off – to ensure that your body has time to recover and to give you a chance to have an indulgence rest day for all the hard work you’ve put in.
  • Book in with a personal trainer or train with a friend – to give you the encouragement you need to get out of the house.
If you are heading back to the gym or beginning a new exercise, it’s worth having an Osteopathic check-up to ensure that you’re primed body-wise and can be given advice on any additional tips which may be appropriate for you. Happy exercising!

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