The Essential Osteopathy YouTube channel

A wee reminder that I have set up the Essential Osteopathy YouTube channel to guide you through quite a number of stretches and exercises for the neck, back, pelvis, hips and legs and other areas of the body.

The latest ones I added recently include the following inspired from Katie Bowman (the biomechanist and all round movement guru):

  • Floor angels –
  • – Katy Bowman’s floor angels stretch helps you to mobilise the shoulders (using their full range of movement which is fantastic in preventing impingement problems in the shoulder) and opens out the chest area (particularly the pectoral muscles). This is a great one to reduce the ‘front line/body’ tension from all the sitting, computer work, front loaded exercise and more which we currently do most days.
  • Windmill stretch – – As with the floor angels exercise, this Katy Bowman stretch opens out the chest and stretches through the arms – counteracting all the compressed forward bending actions we do most days. 
  • Rhomboid pushup – – Katy Bowman’s rhomboid pushup, helps you to mobilise the upper back and shoulder blades which really reduces thoracic spine and rib tension and therefore the neck, upper back and shoulder discomfort and pain.

Go to my Essential Osteopathy YouTube channel for more exercises and stretches which will help relieve your back, neck, hip, other joint pain and other bodily musculo-skeletal pains –

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